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Initiate A United Front To Support The Palestinian Struggle To Dismantle The Apartheid Regime In Israel


26th June 2018

The Honourable President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

President of  Turkey

Cumhurbaskanligi Kulliyesi

06560 Bestepe, Ankara


The Honourable President

Initiate A United Front To Support The Palestinian Struggle To Dismantle The Apartheid Regime In Israel


We congratulate you and your party on the magnificent victory in the recent elections despite foreign interference and support for the opposition. It is a triumph for democracy, independence and ethical governance. It will inspire the people in West Asia to accelerate their struggle for democracy and to overthrow the dictators and absolute rulers who are serving foreign interests and oppressing their people.

We call on you to initiate a united front to support the Palestinian struggle to dismantle the apartheid regime in Israel. You should work to kill the Trump plan supported by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and United Arab Emirates to abandon the Palestinian cause and to legitimize the settler-colonial state of Israel.

Turkey should work closely with Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and Russia to counter the United States’ attempts to dominate and impose its will on other sovereign states. It should also promote greater economic, diplomatic and military cooperation with these states.

Turkey can also play a key role in promoting independent civil society organisations (CSOs) and democracy in Muslim countries. Many non-governmental organisations dependent on Western funds have become the Trojan horses for imperialist ideological and cultural assault on our societies. Therefore there is a crying need for CSOs rooted in our religion, tradition and culture to empower our societies.

We wish you success in your noble effort to develop and strengthen Turkey so that it can resist violence and injustice and promote peace and prosperity for humankind.

May Allah bless you and your party.

Kind regards

Your brother in struggle

S M  Mohamed Idris


Citizens International

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