Citizens International


Citizens International is an Action based Human Rights NGO in George Town, Penang. Our concerns are largely on emerging issues involving minorities and oppressed people around the globe.

Citizens International believes that irrespective of race and religion, the interest of humanity can be undermined by overt military intervention. In this context, the international order must rest on the rule of law, based on the United Nations Charter and principles of international law.

In a similar vein, Citizens International view universal values like democracy, rule of law and human rights are inseparable. Hence it is imperative that Muslim who is the main victims of the ‘war on terror’ to concurrently promotes and protect these norms in their own countries so that they as citizens are able to live without fear in an environment of freedom and dignity.

CI Three Pillar Objectives:

  1. Awareness, sharing of its perspectives and others that are similar through the internet, print and conferences;
  2. Coalition-building with like-minded groups, individuals, and institutions particularly with anti-war movements;
  3. Advocacy and lobbying efforts with parliaments, governments, opinion leaders, multilateral institutions like the UN, OIC and EU and non-governmental or organizations.