Citizens International

Citizen International has been fortunate to have prominent writers and authors for us for the sole purpose of developing awareness and action on critical issues. Many have written without expectation of monetary gain and we are grateful for such commitment. We invite you to join such esteemed and committed writers and thinkers by writing for us. You can give us an opinion piece, your thoughts on an issue, write a well-researched booklet or monograph. If we find that it is relevant and well written we can put it up on our website or publish it for distribution. We also encourage you to link with us in developing relevant campaigns and promoting issues close to our vision and mission. We welcome individuals and organizations in strengthening and promoting citizen-based actions. We also welcome those who would like to contribute financially to promote out efforts and commitment. Your support can help mobilize and bring justice and peace to the world.

Join Citizen International

Join Citizen International and help us build pressure for change – your contribution will make the world of difference.

Donate to Citizen International

You can donate to Citizens International by doing the transaction on:
Bank Name: CIMB Bank
Account No: 0709-0000xxx-xx-x
Account Name: Citizens International Penang
The money you give supports our fight against abuses of human rights all over the world.