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Press Release – End the conflict and humanitarian disaster in Yemen


Press Release


21 June 2018


End the conflict and humanitarian disaster in Yemen



Citizens International chairman S.M. Mohamed Idris, in a letter to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, appealed to him, as a highly respected world statesman, to initiate action in the United Nations General Assembly to order the parties involved in the conflict in Yemen  to stop the fighting and to enter into negotiation under UN supervision to resolve the conflict.  He also called on the Malaysian government to provide aid to the victims of this man-made catastrophe. 

He said that it is shocking the international community and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have taken no effective action to end the conflict in Yemen and prevent the humanitarian disaster affecting millions of civilians there.

The country is facing mass famine.  One of the poorest countries in the world, Yemen imports eighty percent of basic grains and there is severe water shortage resulting from the bombing of the water supply infrastructure.   Over 20 million people out of a population of 28 million suffer food insecurity; 8.4 million are wholly dependent on food aid to survive. Last year alone 50,000 children died of hunger and related causes. Over one million people suffer from cholera.

The current assault on the port-city Hodeidah by the Saudi-UAE led coalition will certainly worsen the humanitarian disaster. Seventy percent of the imports come through this port.  The coalition forces have ignored warnings by the United Nations officials on the dire consequences of the assault. They have imposed an embargo on the ports they control and stopped food and other basic necessities from reaching the people. In violation of international law, they are using starving people as a weapon to win the conflict.

The United States, France and Britain provide support for the Saudi-UAE genocidal operations. The Saudi-UAE coalitions are conducting this war with arms from Britain, France and America. They are conducting it with western military training and advice. British and U.S. officers have been in the command room for airstrikes. Recently the French newspaper Le Figaro alleged that there are French Special Forces on the ground in Yemen.

They are conducting it with diplomatic shelter from the West. On Friday, the UK and U.S. blocked a Swedish drive for a UN Security Council statement demanding a ceasefire.



S.M Mohamed Idris


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