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Press Statement: Israel Tackles its Existential Threat Posed by 16-Year-Old Palestinian Girl


Citizens International condemns in its strongest term on the deplorable decision made by the Zionist Regime Israel to detain Miss Ahed Tamimi a 16-year-old Palestinian activist last 19 December 2017. As at 28 December, we were made to know that her detention orders have been extended.

Bassem who is Ahed’s father posted on Facebook that she is being targeted after protesting the occupation soldiers in Nabi Saleh who shot a 14-year-old boy in the head with a rubber-coated metal bullet. The boy, Mohammed Tamimi, is in a medically induced coma.

Ahed Tamimi and her mother will be charged on under the highly unfair, cruel and authoritarian Amutot Law (Military Law). This latest incident signifies the extent of desperation and willingness of Apartheid Israel Regime to suppress unarmed and peaceful protest by Palestinian civilians protesting for their freedom.

What is more revealing is, it exhibits the hypocrisy of the Western leaders who while calling for Palestinians to commit themselves to unarmed struggle do not, however, condemn the atrocities committed against peaceful Palestinians demonstrators. Israel leaders response to the latest incident equally exposes their familiar hypocrisy on the matter. Education Minister Naftali Bennett told Israel’s Army Radio on Tuesday that the young women filmed slapping the soldiers “should finish their lives in prison.”

We urge the Malaysian Government to play its role by looking into the matter immediately. This can be done through Malaysian Embassy in Jordan and Malaysia’s Permanent desk in New York.

Hence, Malaysian Government should initiate the below-mentioned specific actions:

1. Malaysian Embassy in Jordan to issue Diplomatic Notes to Third countries with diplomatic relations with Israel, urging for the release of Ahed and her mother immediately;

2. Malaysian Permanent Desk to condemn the cowardly move and censure Israel at the United Nations. Malaysia should also urge the United Nation Security Council to demand Israel to release all Palestinian prisoners of conscience, which the country has been detaining for the past 40 years;

In this regard, the Malaysian Government should play a more active role in addressing this form of emerging issue within the grass-roots community in Palestine.


S.M. Mohamed Idris Chairman, Citizens International

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