Citizens International

“War on Gaza” Daily Report

Day 6
Here are the main happenings & events during the 6th day of war on Gaza :
  • 26 killed, over 100 injured in the Israeli aggression on Gaza today (Monday)
  • 102 killed, 850 injured since the Israeli aggression on Gaza started last Wednesday.
  • 24 Children, 10 women, 12 elderly killed since the Israeli aggression started.
  • Israeli airstrike targets a building in Gaza that includes press offices, 1 killed.
  • “Israel” targets a cemetery in Gaza.
  • “Israel” bombards the 2nd biggest police station in Gaza city.
  • Erdogan: “Israel is carrying out “terrorist acts” in Gaza.
  • Rallies in several capitals around the world to condemn the Israeli aggression.
  • Resistance fires tens of missiles towards Israeli targets.
  • “Israel” admits that 7 Israelis were killed, 187 injured by resistance missiles.
  • Meshaal: any truce has to fulfill the resistance’s demands and conditions.
  • Israel closes its Airport near Tel Aviv and changes the flight paths to avoid resistance missiles.
  • The West-bank youth uprise against the Israeli forces in solidarity with Gaza.
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