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Venezuelan Anti-Capitalists March in Solidarity with Global Movements

By Tamara Pearson

posted June 6, 2012 by Venezuela Analysis

Yesterday movements and political currents grouped into the Revolutionary Popular Alliance (APR) marched in Caracas against global capitalism and for a deepening of the Bolivarian revolution.

According to Venezuelan alternative media source, Aporrea, some 2000 people took part in the march. Groups both expressed their support for President Hugo Chavez, as well as anti-capitalist and internationalist sentiments, and solidarity with the movements of “indignados” and occupiers of the US, Latin America, and Europe.

The march was also aimed at a deepening of Venezuela’s revolution, rejecting bureaucracy and supporting grassroots power.

The groups who marched, who are also members of the Great Patriotic Pole- a pro Chavez alliance uniting 34,000 movements, collectives, and organisations around Venezuela- including the Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Current (rural workers), the housing movement, the National Association of Free, Alternative, and Community Media (AMCLA), the Socialist Tide, Diverse Sex-Gender Revolutionary Alliance, Skirts in Revolution, Simon Bolivar Coordination Guarenas, Communist Insurgency, Alexis Vive Movement, and other collectives and struggle organisations.

The march handed over a document to the government at the Miraflores Presidential Palace.

The Revolutionary Popular Alliance was created last month as a “united platform for struggle”. It grew out of more than a year of the various member groups working together and holding programmatic discussions.

“The movements who make up the alliance recognise the historic leadership of President Chavez and we unite together for the daily construction of grassroots power… and to confront capitalism, the bourgeois state and the patriarchy,” the group’s statement reads.

Referring to the upcoming October presidential elections, the alliance also was warned that although Chavez and the revolutionary process counts on “popular and electoral support”, supporters shouldn’t “rest on their laurels”, and should be wary of “conspiracy scenarios” created by the “oligarchy”.

The alliance is also organising a “general movement plan,” including mobilisation, street and media propaganda to “spread our ideas”, permanent debate, workshops and seminars to “strengthen our militancy”, grassroots information networks to respond to “destabilising threats”, and grassroots defence to respond to possible situations of violence, sabotage, or food scarcity.

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