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US Military Sanction on Myanmar Military

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25 October 2017 (archived)

US Military Sanction on Myanmar Military


Citizens International welcomes the decision by the US on 23 October, to withdraw its military assistance from Myanmar units and officers involved in violence against Rohingya Muslims. This decision is critical given how the Myanmar Military have been heavily responsible in perpetrating atrocities on the majority of the Rohingya villages in the State of Arakan. This immoral and deplorable action is currently causing a massive exodus of Rohingya refugee to Bangladesh.

In parallel with the above move, we are further urging the US to initiate action at Security Councils to refer key Generals involving U Maung Myint, Tan Shwe and Min Aung Hlaing to the International Criminal Court for investigation and taking appropriate action. These individuals have been strongly implicated at the grass-root level in orchestrating the current genocide against the Rohingyas.

We also urge other UN Security Council members such as China and Russia to follow suit and to cease supplying arms and other aid to the Myanmar Military, which is committing atrocities against the Rohingya. China and Russia should play a more helpful role in influencing the Myanmar Government to cease entirely its genocide on the Rohingyas.

The UN Security Council should put pressure on the Myanmar Government to implement the findings and the recommendation by the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State report presented to it last August 2017.





S.M Mohamed Idris


Citizens International


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