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The Massacre of Rohingya- UN Must Act Now, Not Only Mere Words

Press Release MAPIM

29th October 2012


The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Ngos (MAPIM) reminds the UN that it will not be able to halt the violence in Myanmar with only words to call for Myanmar to act. Mere statements for urgent action will be a mockery to the international community when the massacre of the Muslim Rohingya and Kaman minorities in Myanmar by the Rakhines are continuing unhampered.

On the contrary , the world body itself must act without delayed. Myanmar has proven to be playing dumb with the calls by various world agencies. The recent rei-gniting of a fresh round of violence goes to show that the government is not ready to abide by  international rules.

It is clear that the Rakhine Buddhist are fully backed by the security forces of the government leaving the Rohingya and the Kaman Muslims vulnerable to attacks on a daily basis.

We are of the opinion that now is the time to act by pushing for the Security Council to move a resolution for the deployment of a peacekeeping force.

Further delay to prevail upon Myanmar to apply for a concrete action , will result in more violence and will ultimately cost the lost of thousands of innocent lives.

We cannot accept the inability of the UN to act with a more effective bite to halt the violence which has already killed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousand.

Why is the UN delaying to act , knowing fully well that this is another repetition of what happened in Bosnia in 1995 where the Serbs were sponsored by the authorities to launch unhindered genocide against the Bosnians.

UN  will be held responsible if the Rohingya Muslims is completely wipe out from Myanmar for its inaction. It would be a human catastrophe and an historical blunder for the UN to allow a regime to exercise its full force on a defenseless minority .

We demand that the UN not to further delay to protect the lives of the Rohingya and Kaman minorities against the barbaric attacks by the Rakhines.

UN must mobilize an international action against Myanmar. This is a crisis of a scale that would demand immediate military operation from an internationally mandated agency. . The Myanmar must be forced to grant access or other wise it would be declared as a country that has committed crime against humanity.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

Secretary General MAPIM

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