Citizens International

Sudan has the right to Retaliate Zionist attack

Joint Press Release

10th November 2012


Zionist Israel with the consent of the US had launched yet another attack on Sudan , this time it’s the military arms factory complex Yarmouk. The fourth attack since 2009.

The early hours of the 24th October 2012 air strike by Zionist Israel is a clear breach on a national sovereignty  and cannot be tolerated . The only alibi that then Zionist  Israel has to conjure and justify its pre-emptive action is suspicion and that is enough  for it to launch the attack.

The Zionist Israel is freely taking law in its own hand without any need to prove its justification except a assumption that the end use of the arms produced in the Yarmouk factory is intended for the Hamas Gaza forces to face Zionist Israel operation. To add spice to the drama , Israel has even indicated that the factory is supported by Iran.

With such action Sudan reserves it right to respond to the aggression .

The Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic NGOs (MAPIM) and Secretariate for the Ulama Assembly of Asia (SHURA)  view this very seriously and register our strong condemnation on the continuos barbaric policy of Israel.

The international community should not ignore this aggression and keep silence on this clear breach of international law . This would again show an obvious inability of the international community to stop a military operation by a country against another under the pretext of a mere threat assumption .

The Zionist Israel’s allegation that the Yarmouk factory is operating to supply arms to the Gaza strip cannot be accepted as an excuse to launch the attack . Base on just a presumption without clear prove is tantamount to give a free and open options for a country to strike at will.

Zionist Israel has repeatedly violated Intenational law when dealing with a perceived threat . This policy has been implemented without any hindrance due to the full backing of the US and the inaction of  the world security agency , the UN Security Council.

We are reading this development with close scrutiny on how the Zionist Israel is mapping a strike on Iran and dragging the whole middle east in an all out war between countries who are in close alliance with the US and those who have allies with Iran.

The attack on Sudan cannot be analyzed without taking into account the overall strategy deployed by US and Israel to have full controll on the middle east while dealing with Iran in one go.

MAPIM demands that the UN should act swiftly to avoid a full fledge war. The situation is very fluid as it can go out of hand when  countries are easily provoked into war.

The Israel cannot be left unabated any more since it has and has always have , since it’s criminal existence ,  advocate for war with any nation that is perceived as threatening.

World organizations should  adopt a much more stronger stand to halt any provocation from the Zionist Israel and to curb heightened military operations in the Middle East.

The International law must be applied  on any attacks that provokes war between countries and breach the sovereignty of nation.

The tactic of using insurgence from within and striking from outside is now the strategy employed in order not to repeat the “boots on the ground” tactics where Zionist Israel and the US have been defeated.

The OIC should intervene strongly any aggression on a member country and  a strong message must be conveyed to the Zionist Israel that an attack on Sudan is an attack on all the OIC members.

We call all Muslim leaders , that the recent aggression on Sudan , should be seen as a provocation in a bigger grand plan , setting a prelude for a strike on other targeted Muslim countries especially Iran.

We call that a united International action must be employed to face the Zionist Israel challenge which can only be dealth with through a strong unity.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid            Abdul Ghani Samsuddin
Secretary General MAPIM.        Chair SHURA