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Press Statement on Bashar Assad’s Regime use of Sarin nerve agent on innocent civilians

Citizens International is deeply appalled and shocked by the inhumane use of the banned chemical weapon by Bashar Assad’s regime on Syria’s innocent civilians. This incident occurred on the 4th of April in the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun, northwestern Syria.

Footage of the aftermath of the attack, in the media, exhibited victims convulsing, struggling to breathe, and foaming from the mouth. These are all clear cut symptoms of the use of nerve agent Sarin. Credible news outlets to date estimated the death toll to be between 75 – 80. Innocent children and senior citizens make up the majority.

The situation in Syria has come to a stage where there is a need for a positive and sustain intervention from the international community. In this context, the cruise missile attacks launched by the United States on Syria – early Friday morning, (7 of April 2017) will be unsustainable if the objective is merely surgical.

International Community including Malaysia must not only condemn Syria for the latest violations against International Humanitarian Law but equally pressure the latter’s ally involving Russia and Iran to cease supporting Bashar Assad.

It is worth reminding that, similar incident (the use of Sarin chemical weapon) has occurred in the capital Damascus in August 2013, killing hundreds of people.

However, no tangible action has been taken to act constructively on Bashar Assad’s regime. This passivity indeed has emboldened the regime to employ a similar strategy, as we have witnessed today.

Therefore, effective action must be mobilized with a sense of urgency to stop Bashar Assad’s regime once for all apart from bringing justice for the Syrian people.

S.M Mohamed Idris
Chairman of Citizens International

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