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Myanmar Ignores International Call for justice

Joint Statement


31st December 2012




The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations (MAPIM) and the Secretariate for the Ulama Assembly of Asia (SHURA)  abhore and condemn the prevailing suppression of the Rohingya and Kaman Muslim minority still on going in Myanmar, executed by the security forces.

Myanmar stance of ignoring international call to stop the continued oppression against the Rohingya and Kaman ethnic Muslims cannot be allowed unaddressed by the international community.

The recent report on the early  morning of Saturday, 29th December 2012 depicting that the Authority has carried out mass arbitrary arrests in Maung Daw is most condemnable.

The village of Khadir Bil (Nyaung Chaung), Maung Daw has been under the besiege and blockage of a joint department of Police, Hluntin (Security Forces), NaSaKa (Border Security Froces) and Military. The joint department is carrying out mass arbitrary arrests of innocent Rohingyas in the village.

They have put blockades around the village since then so that no Rohingya from the village can escape. It is reported that the joint department is raiding every house in the village and arbitrarily arresting innocent Rohingyas. Besides, they have been harassing Rohingya women in the village. Meanwhile, some innocent Rohingyas are being released after extorting money.

We regret that U Khin Maung Shwe , the Judge of the Court of Maung Daw Tsp, has been issuing arbitrary arrest warrants of Rohingyas in Maung Daw with the baseless accusations of their involvements in the violence.

We are most disturbed by the action carried out by the authority and administration of Arakan, who are mainly composed of Rakhine extremists, and are notoriously carrying  out violence, arbitrary arrests and tortures against Rohingyas and Kamans without the permission and acknowledgement from NayPyiTaw (or Central Government).

It is deplorable also to know that the authority in Arakan is forcing Rohingyas to register themselves as Bengali, an identity they don’t belong to , through a Registration process that includes taking digital fingerprints and photographs that will permanently make their Rohingya identity disappear. Now, the NaSaKa in Nagpura (NgaKhuRa) village of Maung Daw started to force Rohingya villagers to sign themselves “Bengali.”

We regret that the continued pogroms and all kinds of atrocities against Rohingyas and Kamans have been being carried out in Arakan for months.

This is an exercise to eliminate the Rohingya and the Kamans from their identity which is genocidal  and it will be a humanitarian catastrophe in Arakan if not checked by the international community.

We call the Myanmar government to immediately stop this unjust elimination of the Rohingya and the Kaman minorities and to take all measures to comply to the international law and universal human rights declaration of the UN in dealing with the prolonged plight of the suppressed communities.

Myanmar cannot continue endlessly it’s policy of denying the basic rights of the Rohingya since the international community will not be passive anymore in addressing the issue of human oppression of minorities in Myanmar.

The ending of 2012 and coming of 2013 should signify a serious commitment by the Myanmar government to shift its decades of unjust policy towards the minorities.

The international community has the right to intervene if Myanmar chooses to ignore and stop the attrocities .

We reassert our call for the UN Security to deploy security mission to Myanmar if the worsening situation is not halted .

We remind the world community that keeping away from real action on the ground will exacerbate Myanmar as committing crime against humanity.


Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

Secretary General MAPIM


Abdul Ghani Samsudin

Chairman SHURA



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