Citizens International

Oppression on the Rohingyas should be stopped

Press Release MAPIM
4th May 2013


Muslims in Myanmar is facing suppression and genocide with increasing impunity. The situation is worsening with the fresh violence spreading outside Arakan .

Recent news is another continued violence perpetuated and backed by the government to launch fresh attacks on the Muslims.

The so called progress towards democratic reform is not showing any indications of improvement and religious hate campaign against Muslims have also shown no signs of reduction.

It is clear that hard line Buddhist monks is adamant about continuing to campaign for segregation between Buddhist and Muslim communities.

But for the Muslims the segregation campaign will not guarantee any safety as attacks on Muslims villages are still escalating.

We are shocked by the persistence of Buddhist monasteries in Myanmar , while   emphasizing its teachings of morality and purity is reflecting an adamant stance of religious intolerance.

They have came out clearly that Muslims and Muslims cannot live together .

We express our condemnation on the current violence that has spread to other areas of Myanmar resulting in many Muslim communities displaced and villages destroyed .

The insisting demand that the communities must be segregated shows the full fledge hatred sentiment invoke by the monasteries themselves on the Muslim population.

We abhorr the relentless targeting of Muslim villages leaving their dwellings into deserted areas cleared from any trace of homes .

It is also most shocking to know how any Buddhist extending humanitarian shelter for their once neighbors living harmoniously side by side  has forced to be tagged as traitors as a form of punishment.

There have been clear indications of full backing by the military to  encourage the attacks to serve their political aims.

We call again for an immediate action by the UN and the Asean to intervene . There must be a clear stand and implementation of resolutions from the UN. The world cannot wait less the genocide operation will completely erased the Muslims from Myanmar.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM