Citizens International

Cease the Judaization of Al-Aqsa

Press Release MAPIM

1st October 2013


MAPIM condemn harshly the Israeli forces that are currently forcing the Alqurmi Neighborhood people in Jerusalem (al-Quds) to leave their homes.

The on going scheme called the Judaization project of Al Quds Is actively in progress and has not come to the notice of the world.

We register our strong protest against the action by the occupation authorities of Israel that on the September 11 , 2013 has released an order to evacuate the Alqurmi neighborhood from their homes within thirty days.

It was reported that the order was issued under the pretext of safeguarding the neighborhood while the Israeli machine tunneled under it.

The tunnels caused cracks in the houses of more than thirty low income families who cannot afford the expenses for repairing their houses.

The destruction of Palestinian homes in Al Quds have been a continuing agenda of the Israel authorities in its grand scheme to complete its Judaization plan of Al Quds. By driving out the remaining Palestinian homes , the city will eventually be converted into a total Jews dominated city.

We support the call by the Al Quds Foundation of Malaysia to urge all Muslims to defend Al Quds and thereby liberate Al Aqsa .

The Muslim international community is not fully aware of the implication of the demolition of the homes of the Palestinian community in the Al Quds area. The destruction of the Arab Muslim homes and thereby minimizing or total wipe out of the Palestinian population in Al Quds is tantamount to perishing the whole Al Quds Islamic heritage as a Islamic City.

Al Quds is gradually undergoing a Judaization process not only in terms of its physical existence but also the destruction of its cultural and heritage rights of the Muslims .

All efforts must be galvanize to halt this scheme of turning Al Quds into a Jewish city.

We are appealing that all Muslims around the world must unite to liberate and normalize the situation in Al Quds with a view that the suffering of our Jerusalemite people in Al Qurmi neighborhood within Al Quds must be highlighted , asserted and concrete action be taken to safe it.

We plea that all people in the international community support the effort to rehabilitate the homes of the Palestinians around Al Quds.

The call to restore the buildings under the threat of demolition should be immediately responded to.

We remind all Muslims and peace loving people to recognize that the Muslim’s right to defend Al Quds and reclaim Al Aqsa is a religious right and there can be no tolerance in allowing the Zionist Jewish conspiracy to prevail in its scheme to occupy Al Quds .


Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

President MAPIM