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Mass Killing in Bangladesh


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Executive Summary:

Midnight Massacre in Dhaka by Security Forces of Bangladesh

On 6 May 2013 at 2.40 in the morning, the government in Bangladesh has cracked down on protests leaving a huge number of unarmed religious people dead and thousands others injured. More than 10,000 forces drawn from police, the elite Rapid Action Battalion and paramilitary Border Guard Bangladesh jointly launched a drive in the darkness of midnight on 6 May to clear demonstrators from a major thoroughfare in Dhaka. Electricity was cut and media access was restricted from the scene during the joint operation. In Narayanganj and Chittagong, 20 demonstrators were shot dead by police on 6 May. 16 demonstrators were killed on the previous day by police in several attacks carried out to disperse the Dhaka Siege program.

Bangladesh is now passing a great crisis in her political arena. Democracy and good governance have been severely questioned over the current regime. Human rights have been infringed to an unprecedented extent. The Bangladesh government headed by Awami League has been exposing its deadly autocratic attitude and unethical stand both in national as well as international arenas since it has acceded to power in 2009. It has always shown ultra-rated hostility towards people‟s demands and their democratic demos and protests.

Most recently, Hefajat-e-Islam, a non-political religious outfit set out to ensure punishment of the anti-religious bloggers for their blasphemous campaigns, staged its scheduled “Dhaka Siege & Sit-in” program on last 5th May 2013 urging the government to meet its 13-point demand announced earlier. Since the break of dawn on that day, a sum total of about 3 to 4 million Hefajat men, as a whole, blocked the entrances to Dhaka city and they took, as per the governmental consent, to the streets round the “Shapla Square” at Motijheel in Dhaka at around 3:00 pm. But as soon as Hefajat-e-Islam began its gathering and sit-in therein, armed cops and RAB personnel started to shoot at the participants indiscriminately. Soon, the hub of Dhaka city turned into a battlefield and Hefajat men were turning into „corpses‟ one after another.

They declared to continue their sit-in indefinitely. However, on 6th May at 3:00 am at midnight, the locale was blacked out by switching streetlights off, two TV channels on stream (namely, Diganta TV and Islamic TV) were cut off and made go off the air as they dare to air true news about governmental injustice, and all the journos were forcibly made leave the locale by the government official dudes and pro-party thugs. Then, all on a sudden, an integrated band of cops, BGB and RAB personnel began to open fire wantonly at the sit-in participants to take over the reins of the locale whereby over 5 hundred people died, thousands of people got injured and shot and about 2 thousand more went traceless.