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Malaysia should immediately condemn on Trump’s plan to recognise Jerusalem as Israel capital

Citizens International is highlighting once again the dangerous and irresponsible rhetoric by the Trump’s Administration on the possibility of relocating U.S Embassy to Jerusalem. As at the 4th, of December, various news outlets including Al-Jazeera are actively reporting on this matter with anticipation that Trump could announce such decision within this week (Wednesday, 6 December).

In relation to the above, Citizens International has written to the Malaysian Government through Wisma Putra in February 2017 stressing any perilous decision of moving the U.S Embassy to Jerusalem will be the final and irreversible step in allowing Israel to literally disregard the Palestinians’ right to a state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Such move will equally inflame intense political tension in the region, pertinently in the Arab countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt where there is a big number of Palestinian seeking refuge. While it is also an inevitable fact that, the above decision will further expose the United States and Israel to waves of terror attacks.

Malaysia should counter this irresponsible politicking from the Trump administration by making its displeasure on the issue distinctly known to the latter and the world. This must be done in the spirit of global Ummah and with the interest of stability in mind. Jerusalem is the Holy City not only for the people in the Middle East but also for the Muslims around the world including Malaysia.

Citizens International strongly urge Malaysia through its New York Permanent Representative to immediately raise this issue and remind Israel and U.S. that any move on the latter’s Embassy would be in violation of UN Resolution 242;

Malaysia should also bring the issue to the OIC and urge other Muslim nations to initiate collective action and pressure against the United States. The message should be robust and clear in that, moving the U.S Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will surely have a wide-ranging impact in destabilizing the Middle East and consequently the world.

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