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Mahmudur Rahman on the CCU

Editor Mahmudur in Cardiac Care after police remand; ‘remains on Hunger Strike’

On the fourth consecutive day on ‘Hunger Strike unto death’, He has become seriously ill. His health condition has been deteriorated than ever before.

On Thursday Afternoon, he has been hospitalized in Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujubur Rahman Medical University.

Later, on evening, he has been shifted to the Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) for intensive care as his health condition gets worse furthermore despite the doctors’ effort to make his health stable.

Mahmudur’s blood pressure has declined at an alarming level compared to the normal level as he has been undergoing the consecutive seven day remand and four day ‘hunger strike unto death’.

Now, he is suffering from deadly Heart Disease. Sometimes, his pulse cannot be traced out. The rate of his heartbeat takes a downward turn. He is now in critical condition, sources said.

Sources form hospital say, Mahmudur’s heartbeat has declined at 48. One of the kidneys is not functioning. Blood Pressure goes downhill at 49/90. The capability of taking Oxygen is lessening very quickly.

“If his ‘hunger strike’ cannot be broken, an accident may happen at any time due to his deteriorating health condition”.

On the part of Mahmudur Rahman, he remains stubborn not to give up ‘hunger strike’ until his three demand s are met. He straightly told this to the Jail authority and Doctors.

Mahmudur’s three demands include 1) lifting any sort of bar to publish Amar Desh, 2) letting the nineteen Journalists of Amar Desh be released immediately and 3) the withdrawal of ‘false case’ filed against his mother the acting Chairman of Amar Desh Publications.

Journalists, working in Amar Desh, apprehends the death of Mahmudur Rahman in police remand under this Awami league government.

From Tuesday, Amar Desh Acting Editor Mahudur Rahman has embarked on Hunger Strike pressing three demands as he has been undergoing thirteen day remand under Dhaka Metro Politon Police (DMP).

Earlier on Thursday, Police arrested Daily Amar Desh acting editor Mahmudur Rahman from his office in the capital’s Karwanbazar.

Mauhmudur has been arrested on charge of publishing Skype scandal by former Chairman of the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT). He was receiving continued threats from high levels of government prior to this arrest.

There had been a speculation for long among the public that he might be arrested at any time in the wake of recent grand demonstration by Hefazat-e-Islam at Motijheel the hub of capital Dhaka.

Amar Desh announced to publish a series of reports on Shiekh Mujibur Rahman’s government, based on some files of U.S. Foreign Ministry. On the very morning of this Thursday, the government arrested the Editor of the daily, Mahmudur Rahman.

Oliullah Noman, the correspondent who reported the scandal, have been forced to leave the country by serious life-risky situations. He is now in the U.K under political asylum.