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In Brief about Arkan

Posted June 18, 2012

During these days we have been passing through many kind of tension and sorrow because of bloody spasm of violence in Arkan, Myanmar. For being bloodshed of Rhingya, Its hurt me much more than anyone expect.
Whenever anyone call me and tell me about burning and dead news, I felt its burning inside me and I felt myself dead as I couldn’t help anyone who’s struggling with injured, being homeless and hungry. I want to feed them, I want to help them to cure their wound, I want to perform the (Janazaa) and attend our brother’s and sister’s funeral, I want to hospitalize those poor brothers and sisters too. However I want, I am not affording to do such kind of things because I’m not present there and I couldn’t be there. I encourage to my buddies to do some kind of things what I want to participate. But they aren’t daring, they said “we can’t go out or communicate each other; Police and Nasaka are firing us”. Everyone worry for their safety. When I asked about someone whom I’m kind, the answer’s “No Idea, I heard they left their home and move another village for safety, no contact with them”. At that tension and worry gain and gain. Every morning is being bad morning; people greet each other as “Good Morning”. Can you imagine how that good morning treating us badly, It’s just “Bad Morning”. Every wake up morning is start with the bad news, 2 villages burnt, 10 people dead, 100 people injured and 5 people arrested. If I felt bad like that even I’m in further distance away, how about them who are already suffering and struggling with all of these? Imagine please if you think its bad, so raise your voice to be peace where is now apart of hell.
May 28th, 2012 a Rakhine ethnic woman, Ma Thida Htway was found dead in the jungle at Kyauknimaw Tsp, 3 Rohingyas were accused and arrested for gang raped and murdered to Ma Thida Htway and Police cased against 3 of them. Some peoples says 1 culprit is died among 3, police reported that he had committed in the cell.According to Ma Thida Htway’s murdered, Rakhine mob got anger and co-operate their ethnic community in Taungup Tsp to take revenge by killing muslim. They wished to teach the lessons to all muslims around the whole Myanmar. The evils never worry to commit any kind of sin in the devils.
At June 3rd, 2012, a religious group of 10 Muslim from Yangon, were traveling back home on a highway bus from individual area of Arkan after the pilgrim. On the half way, at the gateway of the Taungup Tsp, there were more 300 than Rakhine mob blocked the bus and dragged down the 10 muslims and beat them merciless till to death. They declared proudly that it was a revenge of Ma Thida Htway’s dead and raped. After 2 days, June 8th, 2012 on Friday, Rohingyas from Maungdaw Tsp, have to say prayer dedicating to those 10 Muslim who was killed brutally by 300 Rakhine ethnic mobs. On the way back home after prayer, riot police blocked the road and fired to Rohingya then 2 died on the spot.
Same day t around 3 pm, there were 3 Maulana was beaten and chopped by Rakhine mobs. Then Rohingyas and Rakhine were fighting each other putting fire to the houses. Police and Nasaka were in collaboration to put fire to Rohigya’s houses. And Police and Nasaka shot Rohingya when the tried to protect and defense. There were many Rohingyas targeted and killed by police and nasaka. Any many were injured, struggling with wound, wounded by bullet, chopped, burnt. There’s no medication for them and they can’t go to hospital if they go out, police shoot them. But Rakhine can go everywhere they want, police accompanied to them.
In Sittway much more worse than Maungdaw. Many Rohingyas were killed and their houses burnt down to ashes. Police fired them, Rohingya also died in sittway by the government’s bullet like Maungdaw. Houses burnt more than 50 times of Maungdaw. Many Rohingya were displaced, short of foods and water and some flew to Bangladesh, nearly 1500. Bangladesh denied them to accept as a refugee. Rohingya need help.


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