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Ghannouchi says Palestinian resistance achievement is a victory for free people around the world

posted November 23, 2012 by Middle East Monitor

The leader of Tunisia’s Al-Nahda Party, Sheikh Rachid Ghannouchi, has praised the achievements of the Palestinian resistance in the face of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. Sheikh Ghannouchi added that the Egyptian-brokered truce “represents a victory for Palestine, the Arab and Muslim nations, and the free people of the world”.

In an exclusive statement to Quds Press, Ghannouchi explained that what is required now is for the Arabs, the Muslims and the world’s free people to stand by those who are oppressed and support the resistance to Israel’s military occupation.

The Al-Nahda leader also reiterated his readiness to contribute to the Palestinian reconciliation process: “Any work that takes us closer to Palestinian unity is noble work and we will not hesitate to make any effort towards that objective.”

Ghannouchi revealed that the World Federation of Muslim Scholars is now considering Gaza as a venue for its next general secretariat summit.