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El-Gheriany: Draft constitution ‘adds freedoms that did not exist before’

posted December 1, 2012 by Ahram Online

Head of Constituent Assembly says the body worked for the love of country to deliver a great draft constitution


El-Gheriany speaks to nation before president speech (Photo: Snapshot from state tv)

The head of the Constituent Assembly, the body which wrote Egypt’s draft constitution, delivered a speech in a meeting attended by President Mohamed Morsi and assembly members on Saturday night to list the assembly’s accomplishments.

The assembly spent six months studying, hundreds of hours debating articles and travelled around the country to listen to all sorts of citizens, El-Gheriany, a veteran judge with Islamist leanings, told the audience.

“We agreed on two things from the start: We will act as citizens and put aside political and ideological affiliations and, secondly, we will enshrine in the draft what we agree on and will shed what we disagree on,” he said.

“We added freedoms in the draft that did not exist before.”

“I must tell you Mr. President two things, we did this for the love of our country and we did not pay attention to those who maliciously attacked us. The second thing is that we did all of this in a transparent way and the people followed us at every minute,” he added.

“With a referendum on constitution, the transitional period will end and all constitutional declations will be rendered void, and the martyrs will rest in peace.”