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Carry out counter-espionage surveillance on Mossad and its allies

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25 April 2018

Carry out counter-espionage surveillance on Mossad and its allies

Citizens International calls on the Minister of Home Affairs to direct the police to carry out a thorough and comprehensive investigation of the assassination of the Palestinian scientist Fadi al-Batsh by suspected Mossad agents. He was a member of Hamas who had made important contributions in the field of energy. The Israeli investigative journalist, and one of the foremost experts on Israeli intelligence, Ronen Bergman told Al-Jazeera that the assassination bears all the hallmarks of a Mossad operation.

Targeted assassinations violate international law but Israel, a rogue state under the protection of the United States, enjoys impunity. Thousands of Palestinians and several Iranian scientists have become victims of Mossad’s targeted killing. Bergman writes that before the second Intifada, Israel carried out 500 assassination operations resulting in more than 1000 people, including bystanders, killed. Since the second Intifada, Israel has carried out around 800 operations to eliminate Hamas civilian and political leaders in the Gaza strip and abroad.

In 1997, Mossad agents tried to kill Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal by spraying a lethal dose of poison into his ear. The late King Hussein’s threat to revoke the peace treaty forced Israel to provide the anti-dote that saved his life.

The assassination of Fadi must have been carried out with the cooperation of local Israeli agents, foreign embassies and intelligence agencies of Israel’s friends. Mossad co-operates with the CIA, MI6, intelligence agencies of Arab states – Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates –, Singapore and Australia.

Just across our causeway, the Israeli Embassy in Singapore must be the nest of Mossad agents. According to the Jerusalem Post journalist Yossi Melman, the glue that binds Singapore and Israel is ‘the military, intelligence and security ties between the two countries… The country attracts hundreds of former Israeli military and intelligence officers and hosts major security corporations… since 9/11/2001, intelligence cooperation between the two nations to combat terrorism has been on the increase…” Hamas, a national liberation movement, has been designated by the United States and Israel as a terrorist organisation.

Malaysian police have a special unit trying to catch so-called ISIS supporters, including housewives, but none to monitor the activities of Mossad, CIA and others who are trying to kill Palestinian leaders and Muslim scientists as well as creating conflicts between Muslim states and disunity among Muslims.

They should follow the example of South Africa and have close counter-espionage surveillance of Mossad agents here and in the Israeli and other foreign embassies from which they operate.

South Africa’s State Security Agency assigned counter-espionage agents to watch one of Mossad’s operatives at work there. It discovered that the Mossad agent maintained numerous sources within the South African Government and police; and had constant contact with Jewish community members, to assist in intelligence activities. Israeli supporters in Malaysia should be closely watched.

We urge the Malaysian government to treat the activities of Mossad and the intelligence agencies of anti-Muslim countries as a serious threat to national security and sovereignty.

It should set up a special section in the intelligence department with highly skilled personnel and sophisticated technology to carry out counter-espionage surveillance on these enemies of the state. Friendly countries like Turkey, Iran, Indonesia and Pakistan should be persuaded to take similar steps to cut the tentacles of Mossad and strengthen the Palestinian resistance to Zionist occupation.




S.M. Mohamed Idris
Citizens International

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