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Burmese gov’t must end Rohingya massacre

Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia

Aug 16, 2012


On behalf of the concerned community of Malaysian Buddhists, we would like to highlight the cause of the minority Rohingya people in Burma’s Arakan province.

We have been following with deep concern and sadness on the Amnesty International (July 19, 2012) report on the ongoing oppression and massacre of the Rohingyas by both the Rakhine and security forces.

The human rights violations that include physical abuse, rape, destruction of property, and unlawful killings, are urgent calls for attention for Buddhists in Malaysia as the minority  Rohingya people suffer loss of lives and the extensive damage of property.

On July 11, Burma’s National Human Rights Commission reported that at least 78 people have been killed since the violence began, but unofficial estimates exceed 100; with Amnesty International reporting up to 90,000 people have been displaced.

This open letter is by both the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) and the Malaysian Network of Engaged Buddhists (MNEB), in representing the Buddhist community in Malaysia, to call for three actions:-

a. The immediate ceasing of all violence and all further bloodshed in Arakan, with a call to all parties involved to seriously seek resolution through peaceful, non-violent means.

b. For the government of Burma and opposition parties to lead immediate intervening efforts to halt further violence on the people in Arakan province through the fair implementation of the democratic law.

c. For the government of Burma to grant immediate access to independent and international humanitarian agencies and humanitarian aid workers into the affected areas to offer the necessary assistance to stop further bloodshed in and around the Arakan region.

We fervently pray that peace returns to the province of Arakan and for all to join us.

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