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Abdul Quader Mollah sends message to the nation

When family members visited Abdul Kader Mollah after the Supreme Court handed down its verdict of a death sentence, he sent through them a message for the people of this nation. God forbidding, it may be destined to be his last message to this Ummah.


“I have not done anything wrong. Allah the Almighty knows best.
I have turned into a target just because of my involvement with Islam and the Islamic movement. All the accusations brought forward against me are false and politically motivated.
The prosecution could not bring one eye witness to testify against me at the International Crimes Tribunal yet it sentenced me to life imprisonment completely based on hearsay witnesses.
The Gonojagoron platform at Shahbag was created and sustained with the assistance of the government after a life imprisonment sentence was given by the court in the false cases filed against me. In response to the demands of that government controlled platform, the law was amended during the duration of my trial in order to allow the prosecution to appeal for a stronger sentence against me.
It was an unprecedented move in the history of the judiciary when the Supreme Court of Bangladesh actually increased my punishment from the life imprisonment granted against the false cases filed against me in lower courts and changed it to the death sentence.
Giving the penultimate sentence based on absolutely hearsay evidence is an unheard of and an unprecedented event in the history of the judiciary throughout the globe. Though this verdict is inexplicably cruel, it has not saddened me. That is because I am target to this conspiracy solely due to my involvement with Islam and the Islamic movement.
Throughout history, it was observed that whoever stood up for Islam and the Islamic movement have been forced to suffer through conspiracies which plotted their downfall. This was simply due to their very involvement with Islam and the Islamic movement, nothing else.
Even the prophets and the messengers of the Almighty were not exempt from such hardship. So the true Islamic movement is a bloody journey filled with hardship.
Allah the Almighty has closed the doors of Prophethood. However, he has kept the doors open for martyrdom. As long as as martyrdom continues in the path of the Islamic movement, it shall flourish.
Allah (S.W.T) only accepts whomever He wishes to be a martyr in His cause. If I get accepted by my Creator to be a Shaheed in His path, then this will be the greatest blessing of my life. Therefore, I am not afraid of the death sentence handed against me.
By framing me for completely baseless and false charges, this worldly court has only provided me with a certificate for receiving justice in the Court of the Hereafter.
The Quran reveals that the ‘Final Day of Judgment’ will be the Day wherein the Almighty shall establish justice through the abolishment of all unjust and false judgments.
Thus the real judgment will be decided at the Court of the Hereafter. Today’s injustice will be the reason for my freedom on that day. I shall surely get justice from the Almighty on that Day.
I have not done any wrong. The Almighty keeps knowledge of all matters, public and private. There is none who will escape the vision of the Almighty.
Those who want to kill me by accusing me of false accusations, Allah will do them justice on the Final Judgment Day. For Allah’s testament alone will be enough for me.
Even if it comes at the cost of my life, the people of this country shall one day be free. Allah’s Deen shall be established as the triumphant ideology and all manner of injustice shall stop. I pray to the Almighty for the victory of His Deen.
I send my Salaam to my fellow countrymen and ask them for their heartfelt duas. I urge my beloved countrymen to face this tough stage in the history of this nation with patience, endurance and restraint.
To my dear countrymen, colleagues and loved ones; even if we do not meet again in this world, we shall meet again in the Hereafter insha’allah.”