Will new law restrict Egyptian NGOs’ activities?

An Egyptian policeman stands guard outside the Supreme Constitutional Court in Cairo, Egypt, Feb. 25, 2015. (photo by KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images) CAIRO — The Egyptian parliament announced its final approval for a draft law regulating the activities of civil organizations in Egypt, amid criticism by representatives of civil society and rights organizations.

Assad regime set free extremists from prison to fire up trouble during peaceful uprising

ISTANBUL / AMMAN // Syrian intelligence agencies released Islamist militants from prison to deliberately subvert a peaceful uprising and ignite a violent rebellion, according to a former regime security official. The claim comes ahead of peace talks in Switzerland on Wednesday, which President Bashar Al Assad’s government said should “fight

Haftar’s 2nd. visit to Moscow: Will Russia intervene in Libya?

General Khalifa Haftar has arrived in Moscow on an official visit to Russia for talks with Russian officials . Haftar reportedly met with senior Russian officials including Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, as well as the Russian National Security Council This is the second visit of Haftar

Jadaliyya Co-Editor Bassam Haddad Addresses Aleppo Today on Democracy Now!

“Nothing Short of a Slaughter”: 1 Million Syrians in Aleppo Under Siege with No Hospital, Food” As the United Nations says nearly 1 million Syrians are living under siege and the last remaining hospitals in eastern Aleppo have been destroyed, we speak with Syrian analyst Bassam Haddad and get an

President al-Assad to Denmark’s TV 2: Moderate opposition is a myth… We won’t accept that terrorists will take control of any part of Syria-VIDEO

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad affirmed that the United States doesn’t have the will to reach any agreement about Syria, and that Syria knew in advance that the US agreement with Russia will not succeed because the main part of that agreement is to attack al-Nusra which is an

Almost 10,000 civilians flee Syrian army’s advance into east Aleppo

Capturing all of Aleppo would be a major victory for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad after almost six years of fighting Syrian opposition fighters try to hold off Assad government forces near Beyanun village of Aleppo, Syria (Anadolu) Almost 10,000 civilians have fled battered eastern Aleppo towards government-held districts and the

Battle for Aleppo: Civilian casualties mount

Barrel bomb kills six members of a family and rebel shelling hits school as casualties rise in the divided city. A Syrian man carries a girl from a destroyed building after barrel bombs were dropped in this August 2016 file photo [Aleppo Media Center via AP] A barrel bomb killed

UAE sets up military base in east Libya – IHS

The United Arab Emirates has established a military base in east Libya to back Khalifa Haftar’s self-proclaimed army in its ongoing war in Benghazi,  IHS Jane has reported. The UK-based defence and security consultancy said the airbase is operating AT-802 light attack aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), according to obtained

Sisi’s gamble: How Egypt’s turn toward Iran changes power in the region

Egypt’s warming toward Russia, Iran and Syria, and its ongoing hostility to Turkey, is fatally undermining relations with Saudi Arabia In recent months, there has been a major shift in Egypt’s foreign policy. Despite it almost going unnoticed, this unexpected policy change is a source of concern for many actors

Trump adviser Walid Phares signals major US foreign policy changes

      Donald Trump’s foreign policy adviser has signalled major shifts in Middle East strategy, including a review of the Iran nuclear deal, the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and stating that the Muslim Brotherhood will be designated a “terrorist” organisation by the United States. According to an

Our Golden Lady No More

  Last October 2016, 9 Myanmar policemen were killed in the town of Rakhine. The Myanmar Government accused the rebel group i.e. Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO) as the main culprit. The incident soon set up waves of organised state violence against the Rohingya’s in the Rakhine. It lasted three weeks

UK Increases Aid To Yemen, Helps Saudi Arabia By Selling Arms

POSTED BY: MAI HUSSIEN SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 The Secretary of State for International Development in Britain Priti Patel announced that Britain will provide an additional £37 million in funding for Yemen this year, said Express newspaper on Sept.22. She also said that the government’s extra £37m this year, will bring the total to £100m,

No supplies, no surgeons, no hope: Aleppo medics overwhelmed

Medical staff tell MEE they are struggling in face of Russian air attacks, and watch as civilians die through lack of doctors and supplies Civilians litter the floor of a make-shift hospital following air attacks on Aleppo on 24 September, 2016 (AFP) Aleppo hospital staff say they are overwhelmed with