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Operation Iraqi Freedom

WARNING  These Pages Depict The Horror And Reality Of  “OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM”  

Video shows Egypt generals plotting media gag

Egypt: dozens killed in clashes between security forces and Mursi supporters

Israel detains 5-year-old Palestinian boy

Egyptian army openly shoots at peacfuul protesters at the Republican Guard

Bangladesh war trial witness found in India

Palestinians mark 65th Nakba anniversary

MAPIM handing over Nakba 65 th Years petitions to the Senior Advisor to the UN

  Malaysian  MP Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar and President of MAPIM , Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid handing over Nakba 65 th Years  petitions from the Parliamentarians and NGOs to Mr  Rehel , the Senior Advisor to the UN on the 15th

Indonesian Muslims rally against Myanmar government

Indonesian Muslims hold banners as they stage a rally against Myanmar government in Jakarta on May 3, 2013 close to the Myanmar embassy.  

Bahraini protesters in the village of Diraz

Bahraini protesters shout slogans during an anti-regime demonstration in the village of Diraz, west of Manama, late on April 27, 2013.