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By Alexander Azadgan   Talmudic rabbinical Orthodox Judaism is the oldest recorded racist ideology in the world as illustrated in the Talmudic verses: “Those who are incapable of attaining to supreme religious values include the black colored people and those

In Face of Trump’s Order, Some Muslim Nations Are Conspicuously Silent

By DECLAN WALSH   CAIRO — The Germans criticized it. The British voiced their discomfort. The French, the Canadians and even some Republican senators in Washington stood in open opposition. But in Cairo and Riyadh, in the heart of the

Who speaks for Muslims? The Saudis, the Turks or the Germans?

By David Hearst   America’s darkest hour in peace time is also the darkest hour for Arab leadership whose silence over the Muslim ban will come to haunt them The reaction to Donald Trump’s executive order to ban refugees and Muslims

Gulf activists reject Saudi-Israeli “flirtation” at Davos

By Ali Abunimah    In Davos w/ Saudi Prince Turki Al Faisal after discussing the region & peace process with Jordanian FM & Palestine Investment Fund Chair Activists in the Gulf states are strongly condemning a meeting between former Israeli foreign

Blood, bribery, and the two islands: An Egyptian tale

By Amr Khalifa     The controversy surrounding the Red Sea islands conceals a much more important struggle between Egypt’s judiciary and Sisi’s regime In April of 2016 with zero political debate, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi decided to surrender two Red

Remembering Algeria 1992: The first Arab spring that never became a summer

By Peter Speetjens   The forgotten Algerian civil war that killed as many as 200,000 people set the tone for the ‘Arab Spring’ and the paradox of democracy On 11 January, it will be exactly 25 years since Algeria’s military staged

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions: What is BDS?

By Hillary Aked   Everything you need to know about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, and what’s being done to combat BDS. File: Israeli border police and soldiers block Palestinian protesters in the occupied West Bank [EPA] What is

The ex-CIA agent who interrogated Saddam Hussein

By Adam Eley and Katie Alston   When former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was captured in December 2003, the CIA required a specialist who could identify and interrogate him for information. That person was John Nixon. Mr Nixon had studied

Muslim world needs political revolution

By : Abdul Qadir     Muslims throughout the world celebrated on Monday the birthday of Prophet Muhamad s.a.w. who was born on 12 Rabi ulAwal in the Year of the Elephant [June 8, 570 AD]. There were processions, lectures, syair

‘I fear for my sons’: IS-style group forces brutal lessons on Syrian children

By Abo Bakr al Haj Ali Yarmouk in south Syria is not known as a hotbed of extremism – but IS-inspired militants have taken over, and are preaching in its schools Young boys, their faces obscured by MEE, attend school (source: