How Corrupt Is the American Government?

      Government corruption has become rampant: Senior SEC employees spent up to 8 hours a day surfing porn sites instead of cracking down on financial crimes Nuclear Regulatory Commission workers watch porn instead of cracking down on unsafe conditions at nuclear plants An EPA employee who downloaded 7,000 porn files, then spent 2-6 hours each

The countries where a majority of Muslims want to live under sharia law

  Countries where Islam is already favoured in law, like Afghanistan and Iraq, show the strongest backing for having Sharia as the official law of the land     The legal framework based on the moral and legal code of Islam is rarely out of the news. The most extreme interpretations of Sharia

Kerry in Moscow to push Syrian peace plan

  US officials expressed frustration that Assad is trying to set his own rules about which opponents he is prepared to talk to File photo shows US Secretary of State John Kerry (AFP)   US Secretary of State John Kerry flew in to Moscow on Tuesday to meet Russia’s President

Are Turkey and Iran reviving a 16th century conflict?

  A miniature from 1561 depicting Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I marching with an army in Nakhchivan, summer 1554, at the end of the Ottoman-Safavid War. (photo by Topkapi Palace Istanbul)   Are Turkey and Iran reviving a 16th century conflict? In an Al-Monitor article on Dec. 7, Metin Gurcan discusses Turkey’s latest and controversial

Ahmad Chalabi, The Man Who Gave Us ISIS

Aram Roston – BuzzFeed News Chalabi, who died of heart failure on Tuesday at age 71, was charismatic, obsessive, and helped lead the U.S. to war in Iraq. If not for the man named Ahmad Chalabi, the United States probably would not have invaded Iraq in 2003. If not for the Iraq

Lawyers for detained Egyptian photographer decry ‘smear campaign’

  Wednesday 11 November 2015 11:05 UTC   Esraa al-Taweel’s defence team say that, though she reportedly confessed to assassination plot, charges against her have not changed Esraa al-Taweel, 23, has been detained for more than 150 days, charged with belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood (Facebook) Lawyers defending a young

Egypt’s farcical electionsrc

    Egypt’s ongoing parliamentary elections – farcical in every sense, with a turnout so far ofonly 2 percent - are further proof that Egypt is witnessing the solidification of a quasi-authoritarian system of government, not a democratic revival. Most of Egypt’s new parliamentarians will be wealthy, elite, sympathetic to the

Catastrophe in Saudi Arabia, pillar of Washington’s Middle East policy

    25 September 2015 The horrific and massive death toll stemming from a stampede of Muslim pilgrims near Mecca is symptomatic of a deepening crisis of the Saudi monarchy, a lynchpin of reaction and key pillar of US policy in the Middle East. Thursday’s catastrophe was reported by Saudi officials

Politicians from Both Sides of the Aisle: Corruption Has Destroyed America

  Pervasive corruption in modern America has been thoroughly documented. There are some very juicy quotes from high-level insiders about corruption in the USA. Jon Schwarz has rounded up a good collection of recent quotes on corruption from both sides of the aisle: • “Now [the United States is] just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence

Egypt challenges court ruling on Hamas ‘terrorism’

  Over the last three years, even when Mohammed Morsi was president, Egyptian media outlets have carried out an unprecedented campaign against Hamas. Egyptian hostility toward the movement has grown since July 2014, when many Egyptians held Hamas responsible for the bloodshed in Gaza after Israeli military strikes against the Strip. The Egyptian media

The new Saudi king, Egypt and the MB

  When King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died Jan. 23, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement that was conspicuously warm. One might have thought that considering the broad support the late king gave to the Egyptian state-led crackdown of the Brotherhood in Egypt, such a declaration would be negative at best. Within

A picture is worth a thousand words

      Libya: Ten Things About Gaddafi They Don’t Want You to Know November 16, 2014 Ruling the country for for 41 years until his demise in October 2011, Muammar Gaddafi did some truly amazing things for his country and repeatedly tried to unite and empower the whole of Africa. So despite

Black money probe: Swiss banks mull anticipatory meaures

  Berne/New Delhi, Nov 2, 2014 (PTI):   As probe into suspected black money stashed abroad by Indians gathers steam, banks in Switzerland are running from pillar to post to safeguard their interest while some are also considering financial provisions in their books for possible penal actions and legal costs.